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Book Review: The Making of Biblical Womanhood

The Making of Biblical Womanhood

Author: Beth Allison Barr

Length: 246 pages (Kindle)

Publisher: Brazos Press

Beth Allison Barr's latest book is a masterpiece of narrative history. She weaves her personal experience together with first rate historical commentary to make the case that "biblical womanhood", most often expressed in the belief that women have not and cannot be leaders in the church, is not supported by the biblical text.

This is a popular level read with enough references to back up her point. One reviewer missed the point entirely when they stated that scholars (like Moo and Carson) should have been cited over popular figures like Bill Gothard (who is called "fringe"). Ironically, it is the Gothards of the evangelical world that have more lasting influence based on sheer numbers. His organization claims that over 2.5 million people have attended their seminars which rely on heavy forms of patriarchy. I doubt either Moo nor Carson can claim that kind of reach (and that is no disrespect to Moo and Carson!).

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